You`re a famous bandit Acrid. Together with your old mate Prickly you decided to cheat on your boss and cut a deal with a millionaire who owns the pictures. The millionaire lets his security go, you`ll committ her obbery but you won`t send the pictures to your boss and hide them on the constructionsite instead. The millionaire gets insurance for the stolen pictures, sells them secretly and you will divide
the profit.

How it all happened:
It started smoothly. At 2a.m. you left the van on the wasteland and walked to the en-tranceofamansion. There was no security. You broke down the door, cut the pictures out of frames and put them into a tube.
At 2.15 a.m. the police arrived. A firefight began. Soon Tough
grabbed the tube and bounced outta there through the backyard with Prickly. Sticky rushed after them. Then Wet. The rest fired back.
Reinforcements arrived at the police station. Cold with Salty started retreating
through a kitchen and a bedroom. You stayed behind to cover. Two cops were killed.

When there was only one bullet left, you jumped out and hidin the bushesin
the backyard. Once calmed down, you got out to the wasteland. The van was
gone, the dudes left. There was a lot of blood on the grass.

You walked to the construction site. There was a black car, a Japanese driver
was waiting for someone. You killed him and drove to the safe house.

Your aims:
Find out where the tube with the pictures
Kill an undercover officer
Don`t tell anyone else that you and Prickly colluded
with the millionaire