You are one of the best secret agents in the era of humanity. You are smart, determined and reckless. You have to investigate difficult cases and perform delicate missions. More than once or twice you have already prevented global catastrophes threatening the destruction of the whole world.

Now you have been assigned to a new case. At the congress of New Year and Christmas workers, Santa Claus was frozen, and only one who can unfreeze him is the same person who has done this dirty trick. Unlikely for the villain to do this of his own free will - therefore, it is necessary to establish the identity of the villain and arrest him. Otherwise, the kids from all around the world will be left without gifts for the New Year! This will be a global tragedy.

Plus, you have a personal reason to unfreeze Santa Claus — Many years ago, when you were a kid, growing up in an orphanage, Santa Claus was the only one who gave you gifts. Now you feel indebted for him.

The fairy world has its own laws, and you can only arrest the one picked by majority. Therefore, your task is not only to collect evidence, collect a complete picture of the incident and identify the attacker, but also convince others that you are right.
Before going to the accident scene, you received

Location: America.

Occupation: Gives children New Year's gifts and creates a festive atmosphere.

Relationship status: married to the Snow Queen, but keeps his marriage in secret.

Recent activities: Santa Claus strengthened his position in America, began to spread his influence in Europe. Among other things, he was working in Holland (which is traditionally the territory of Black Peter and his boss) and in Finland (on the territory of Joulupukki). According to unverified sources, he was going to enlarge his working area beyond the Arctic Circle. Thoughts of Father Frost, Joulupukki and Black Peter about unsolicited competition remain unclear.

Santa Claus recently made an arrangement with the Yeti people (snowmen) to give them New Year's gifts .

Business contacts: At first New Year's gifts for Santa Claus were made by the dwarfs, then he stopped giving them orders and awarded a new contract with the elves. According to unverified reports, the dwarfs are very unhappy.

You also received a list of the congress participants and others who have been with Santa Claus for the past few hours.

These are Father Frost, Snow Maiden, Snow Queen, Joulupukki, Black Peter, Elf, Dwarf, Bigfoot and Brownie. Unfortunately, no one can be excluded from their number of suspects - not only do many have magic staves, these staves can be used by other people too.

One name on the list caught your attention: Snow Maiden. It stirred up your curiosity. A girl from the country of long winters and deep snows ... You often pay attention to women and, as a rule, have success in your interests. Now you want to impress Snow Maiden - of course, avoiding any prejudice for the investigation; being especially kind to her and giving some compliments – won't be a problem.

Tip: Help the discussions. Make sure everyone speaks. It is better to give a floor circle-wise. If participants often interrupt each other – stop them and give the opportunity to finish the thoughts for those who started.

Ladies and gentlemen. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the investigation procedure. I hope this won't be long, because you are all ready to help me in search of the criminal. With your help, we can find it as soon as possible. We are going to start right now. Each of you will tell us what kind of relationship they had with Santa Claus and if you know people who could wish him ill.

I will ask you to speak in turn.

Find the one who froze Santa Claus and arrest him.

If the bag was not stolen by the same person who froze Santa Claus, then find the thief as well - and also arrest him.