A Dutch Christmas Father, gifts the good kids, and punishes the naughty ones. You like to punish - you are generally a fan of black humor and ridiculous jokes.

Your boss didn't show up at the New Year's and Christmas workers 'convention - he doesn't like corporate parties. In the crew of Christmas Fathers, you are considered one of them. But you are frustrated by the fact that you do not have a magic staff, so you can't freeze people and perform other miracles.

You arrived at the convention to have a serious talk with Santa Claus. He takes work off from you and your boss - he travels around Holland, just like home, gives gifts to Dutch children and as a result becomes more popular. Santa Claus must understand that it is impossible to violate other people's properties.

Besides, you were hoping to finally get a staff at this convention somehow. You were even ready to steal it.

6 pm

6 pm

Location: Hall
You arrived at the hotel at the same time as the others. You seemed to be glad: the Snow Queen gave a promising look, and the Snow Maiden hugged and kissed on the cheek. The Brownie gave you the key to room №7.
7 pm
7 pm
Location: Dining room
Dinner was served by The Brownie. You wanted to talk to Santa Claus right away, but he was already sitting at another table with Joulupukki and the Elf. You had to sit down with Father Frost. Out of frustration, you complained to him about problems with Santa Claus; Father Frost showed you empathy.
8 pm
8 pm
Location: Corridor of the 2nd floor of the hotel.
Right after dinner, Santa Claus went to Father Frost's room. Again, you failed to have a talk with him. While waiting for Santa to be free, you wandered down the hallway on the second floor. As a joke, you left bottles of mead with sleeping pills for Santa Claus and Joulupukki in their empty rooms - they will sleep through breakfast, it will be so funny! At the same time, you looked for any staff that had been left unattended - but unfortunately, there were no staffs.

Meanwhile from the room of Father Frost, came the sounds of a quarrel, screams and roars. The Elf came at the noise, knocked on them. They sent him away, saying that everything was fine, but over the shoulder of the Elf you noticed that the mead had been spilled on Santa Claus ... Haha!
9 pm
9 pm
Location: Corridor 2 floors and the roof of the hotel.
Father Frost ran out of the room in frustrated feelings, and Santa Claus went to his room. You glanced into the empty room- they had forgotten a bag with gifts and the staff of Father Frost. Finally ! You wanted to steal the staff right away, but the Elf again came out into the corridor. He shouldn't see it.

Then you decided to get into the room of Santa Claus through the pipe. You climbed onto the roof, but you met the Elf again near the necessary pipe! You stood on the roof for an hour, talking about fireworks and how beautiful forest hares tumble in the snow - you hoped that the Elf would get cold and leave, but he did not. In the end, you went down together. The elf went to the second floor, and you went down to the bar.
10 pm
10 pm
There were Joulupukki, the Snow Queen and the Dwarf at the bar. The Brownie served them drinks. The Snow Queen was having a conversation with Joulupukki, and you looked at her and thought: after all, the Snow Queen also has a staff, and if you marry her, you can take her staff for yourself - the property of the spouses is common property!

At 11 pm, the Snow Queen went upstairs, you followed her. Luck: she herself invited you for a glass of wine! Now the main thing is to build on your success ... You were nice to the Snow Queen, until at 12 at night the Brownie knocked on the door with the news that Santa Claus was frozen!

Consequently, your love for gags may be misunderstood. Moreover, sleeping pills in other people's rooms may be not appreciated . No one should associates the sleeping draught with you. In addition, during the investigation, you can continue impressing the Snow Queen - and if she disappoints you, turn your attention to the Snow Maiden. After all, the Snow Maiden also has her own magic staff!

-Not to get accused of a crime. If you get arrested, your boss won't understand.

-Find the criminal to unfreeze Santa Claus. Fairy tale characters must not be frozen with impunity.

-Find the thief who stole the bag of gifts (if this is not the same person who froze Santa Claus). Or else next time you can be robbed.

Flashback of Black Peter
From your friend you know that the dwarfs really want to get a contract for the supply of gifts for Santa Claus. No Santa Claus — no good sales market for the dwarfs. At first you did not attach importance of this information, but now you suddenly remembered it.