You feel brisk and full of optimism. You are alive, healthy – isn't it a good reason to enjoy life? You are passionately trying to understand who you are and who the other passengers are. You need to find someone who can fly the spaceship, otherwise you will be stuck on this planet. So far, there is very little information, but there are some interesting observations.

A potent sleeping pill was found in your things.

The Confident One somehow moves very slowly and his pupil is constricted, which is typical after potent drugs.

The Rich One's electronic key looks familiar.
  1. To find and leave on the planet those who threaten flight safety, for example, the one who shot at the captain.
  2. To fly away from the planet.
To do this, you need to:
  • Find a person who knows how to fly the spaceship;
  • Remain as a member of the spaceship's passengers;
  • Make sure that none of the passengers will threaten the safety of the flight, and the spaceship will fly to its destination.
After the initial arguments, the group examined the spaceship more thoroughly. THE ADROIT ONE and THE CHEERFUL ONE quickly oriented themselves on the spaceship and headed for the cargo hold. It was locked, but with the help of THE RICH ONE's electronic key it was opened. A container with a cargo of robots was found there, as well as a hidden box with illegal drugs.

THE SMART ONE and THE HANDSOME ONE, having wandered around the spaceship, found a homemade bomb in the central energy compartment! If it weren't for THE SMART ONE, who quickly neutralized it, there would be nothing to fly away on.

THE CONFIDENT ONE found a newspaper page with flashy headlines:
"The reward for the smuggler Lukky has increased!",
"Captain Lumiere, a brave explorer and the heir to a huge fortune, has gone missing!",
"Clyde the terrorist goes on the warpath! New explosions! The victims are robotics dealers, the main culprits of the labor market crisis, as well as everyone who is involved in helping them…"

Looking at these finds, you are starting to remember something…

Your optimism has waned a lot since your latest finds. Your nice-looking neighbors might include a terrorist with a bomb or a smuggler on the run from the law. And you don't even remember anything about yourself! Memory won't restore. The only thing you remember is seeing the same badge on the Captain Nebrasco as THE CONFIDENT ONE has.

And the spaceship on which you are flying is familiar to you, you remember exactly where the things should be.

By the way, THE ADROIT ONE and THE CONFIDENT ONE, apparently, are also well oriented on the spaceship.

THE SMART ONE's formulas are similar to the calculation of some chemical reactions .... Nitric acid... Sulfuric acid...
After inspecting the surroundings, an apparently human encampment was discovered a kilometer from the spaceship. An extinguished fire, an abandoned pot of food, a hidden weapon - everything speaks of the presence of intelligent life, perhaps the locals even look like people.

Everyone examined and twisted in their hands homemade knives made of sharpened pieces of iron, arrows with tips made of steel fragments and a wooden crossbow found in the bushes. In the meantime, according to the computer, the main damage hasn't been repaired and repair work should be completed soon. But who will steer the spaceship? And is it safe to take everyone with you?

After all, among you, perhaps, there is someone who shot at the captain, as well as a terrorist. If they get on the spaceship, the misadventures are unlikely to end.

Looking at these finds, you are starting to remember something…

Memory has returned to you! You are Dr. Dali! What a pity that Captain Nebrasco has been killed! It was not the first time you flew with him and helped in illegal, but very profitable cases. Each time it was possible to cover all traces and earn a round sum of money.

This time you had kidnapped a wealthy heir, Lumiere, and were to receive a huge ransom. You put him to sleep, carried him to the spaceship and locked him in the cabin, handcuffing him just in case. He did not see you and had to sleep until you received the ransom. But, apparently, the sleeping pill had a bad effect, he woke up and was able to free himself. And then there was this accident…

So that no one suspects you of kidnapping, you need to bring suspicion on other passengers.

The numbers 18810180 are the captain's code, which can open any door on the spaceship.

Before leaving, the captain Nebrasco had told you that there are 4 people on board under false names, this information may come in handy now.

And you recognised the coordinates on The Decisive One's sheet. This is a smuggling planet with very loyal police. Certainly no one will conduct any investigation there. Flying there is a good idea, you need to support The Decisive One.