Ded Moroz
With the help of your magic staff, you light up a Christmas tree, do small miracles for the children, and you can also freeze someone (but after freezing it takes a day to recharge). The staff works in any hands, not just yours.

At this congress of New Years and Christmas workers, you are the host. The hotel where the event takes place belongs to you; The Brownie is only an employee.

You arrived at the congress together with your granddaughter Snow Maiden. You love her very much and take care of her.

6 pm
6 pm
Location: Hall
You and The Snow Maiden arrived at the hotel at the same time as the others. You kissed the Snow Queen's hand and she gave you a long look. By the way, you are far from being an old man! But then you noticed that the Snow Maiden hugged Joulupukki, and then Black Peter - and then they went upstairs. The Brownie gave you and your granddaughter room №2, there are just two interconnected rooms.
7 pm
7 pm
Location: Dining room
You went to dinner alone, the Snow Maiden is watching her waistline. Dinner was served by The Brownie. You shared the table with Black Peter, Santa Claus with Joulupukki and Elf were at the next table. Black Peter complained that Santa Claus was taking away his job - traveling around Holland, giving gifts to Dutch children. You showed him empathy, but then thought: did Santa plan to get into your possession as well?
8 pm
8 pm
Location: Santa Claus room №2.
You invited Santa Claus to your room to have a drink of mead and have a heart-to-heart conversation. Santa Claus confirmed that he was thinking of working beyond the Arctic Circle soon! "You won't refuse your son-in-law ... After all, Snow Maiden and I are going to get married!" You were furious: you were not expecting such a son-in-law! You splashed mead in the face of the insolent man, he staggered back and knocked over the chair. An Elf ran to the noise - but you sent him away, saying that everything was fine. Then Santa Claus went to his room, and you rushed to look for the Snow Maiden. In your rush, you left your staff in your room, however you usually carry it with you.
9 pm
9 pm
Location: Hall, forest.
The granddaughter was not in the hall - there were the Snow Queen and Bigfoot instead. The Snow Queen offered to help, and together you looked for the Snow Maiden all over the neighborhood for an entire hour. Together you feasted your eyes on hares jumping through the forest. You felt that you loved the Snow Queen more with every minute.
10 pm
10 pm
Location: Forest..
Finally you found the Snow Maiden in the meadow. She immediately began to shout: how can you walk arm-in-arm with the Snow Queen, with this pepper shaker! The Snow Queen immediately left, and you answered the Snow Maiden in the same tone: how could you become the bride of Santa Claus! In the end, you made up, but each remained unconvinced.

At 11 pm you and the Snow Maiden returned to your room. The door was open - apparently you had forgotten to lock it. The granddaughter went to her room. You went to bed, but sleep did not come. Your room is a walk-through, and if the Snow Maiden went out, you would have noticed it.

At 12 am
, The Brownie burst in with the message that Santa Claus was frozen, and his bag of gifts was stolen! You immediately started getting dressed, while the Brownie was waking the rest up ... and only then did you remember about your staff. Fortunately, you didn't have to look for it for a long time - the staff was in your room near the door.

· Find the villain and disenchant Santa Claus. There should be no trouble at the convention where you are the host!

· Find the thief who stole the bag of gifts (if it's not the one who froze Santa Claus). You must not allow someone to be robbed in your hotel.

· Avoid criminal charges and arrest.