You are a gnome, a representative of fabulous people living in Europe. You love to grumble, but you have a kind heart. Your people are skilled in crafts, but lately the products of the gnomes are in demand only as Christmas and New Year gifts. Only during New Year's Eve do children need a miracle, other days they want an iPhone and a game console!

Wonderful toys were produced at the Dwarf`s factories, even Santa Claus was buying them for New Year's gifts. But then Santa Claus stopped working with Dwarfs and he awarded a new contract with the elves. But what about the Dwarfs who have lost their sales market?

You received a task to speak to Santa Claus on behalf of all the dwarfs and negotiate a renewal of the contract. That's why you came to the congress of workers for the New Year and Christmas.

You keep a secret: in ancient times, your people were in service of the Snow Queen, that is why all dwarves remember that the heart of a man who loves Snow Queen turns into a piece of ice. Surely the lovers who competitively pay suit to the Snow Queen do not know this!

6 pm
6 pm
Location: Hall
You arrived at the hotel at the same time as the others. Everyone exchanged greetings, Santa Claus kissed the hand of the Snow Queen, and no one paid particular attention to you. It' s a shame! The Browniegave you the key to room №3.
7 pm
7 pm
Location: Corridor on the 2nd floor of the hotel.
Having laid out things, you thought about ways of completing your task. You were even ready to steal a bag with gifts from one of the Christmas Fathers so that they were forced to buy new ones from you - Christmas is coming soon after all, gifts are vital! During dinner, you wandered down the hallway, pulling the door handles. It is useless - everyone either carries bags of gifts with them, or thoroughly locks them up.
8 pm
8 pm
Location: Corridor on the 2nd floor of the hotel and the forest.
The Snow Maiden flung Out of the Snow Queen's room and burst into tears right in the corridor. You felt sorry for the girl, began to cheer her up and offered to take a walk together. You went into the forest: it's beautiful there, squirrels and hares are jumping. In response to your questions, The Snow Maiden briefly said about her own troubles - Santa Claus no longer buys toys from the Dwarfs, and meanwhile your toys ... an hour later The Snow Maiden got bored, left you under the very first handle and disappeared into the woods. Maybe you shouldn't have spoken about the details of factory production?
9 pm
9 pm
Location: Dwarf`s room №3.
There was a festive fireworks display for the guests, but you were not in the mood to watch it. You returned to the hotel and - in your room you found The Brownie, rummaging through your properties! What an arrogance! And why exactly in your things - why does everyone always offend the gnomes?The Brownie assured you that it was just a joke. You didn't really believe it, but you promised that you would forgive him if he brought you a Santa Claus`s gift bag. In the end, everything can be turned to your advantage.
10 pm
10 pm
Location: Bar
You went downstairs to drink herbal tea and calm your nerves. Besides you, Joulupukki, the Snow Queen, Black Peter and the Brownie were also in the bar, who served tea and mead to the guests. You have noticed that the Snow Queen communicates only with Joulupukki, and Black Peter does not take his eyes off her. But nobody cares about you!

At 11 PM, you decided to take a walk in the frost to sleep better, and left the hotel. We passed under the windows, and suddenly ... you felt a hit and were frozen! You were attacked by a Bigfoot. Holding you tightly, he took off the freeze and sternly asked why you had jumped out of the window an hour ago? You answered indignantly that an hour ago you did not jump anywhere, you were sitting in the hall! Bigfoot said that he had been wrong and began to apologize. And as soon as he finished his apology, an alarm came from the second floor of the hotel at 12 AM - Santa Claus was found frozen, and his bag with gifts was stolen! As if other troubles are not enough for you today!

Find the villain to disenchant Santa Claus. Otherwise who will you discuss the contract with?

Find out who stole the bag of gifts. If the Brownie did this at your request, then ensure that you are not personally suspected.

Flashback of the Dwarf
You remember that at the beginning of the night Joulupukki ordered mead and said in passing that he had been drinking all evening today. However, as you now understand, at that moment Joulupukki did not smell of alcohol at all!