Mr/Mr Barrett
Leading expert
You are a leading expert and member of the British Society of Psychical Research.

This organization was formed to study various "paranormal" phenomena from a scientific point of view. You have personally studied spiritualism, investigated different ghostly apparitions, and given your learned opinion regarding photos of spirits. You have regularly uncovered charlatans and fraudsters exploiting the good- will of distressed relatives or the greed of ignorant people eager to connect with the 'other side'. Several such 'mediums' have been arrested following your investigations and charged with fraud. So far in your experience you have never encountered any phenomena for which you haven't been able to find a rational explanation. However, you have heard a lot of people talk with great regard about the medium Poitier, who is famous throughout Europe.

When Detective Miles asked you to attend the séance as an independent expert, you gladly and eagerly agreed. This is your chance to expose the most famous medium of all! As such, the day before the séance, you dared to sneak into the medium's private apartment, shared with the Svenson, the medium's assistant, to find evidence of the fraud undoubtedly being committed. However, you were disappointed to have found nothing, though in the process of gaining entry it seems that you broke the lock on the door. Whatever happens, it would be extremely uncomfortable if the police should ever find out about what you did. As for the investigation into the murder of Lord Cornwall, this is a personal matter of honor for you.

Lord Cornwall had been deeply interested in spiritualism and all the various "paranormal" phenomena, and, they say, he often allowed séances to take place at his home. In addition, he was one of the rich benefactors sponsoring the Society of Psychical Research, and several times donated great sums of money to the great benefit of the Society. As regards the details of the murder, you are unaware of what happened. This is your chance to participate in the discussion to find out. Use your logic to work out the sequence of events, and choose your questions wisely.
Your aim:
The main aim, of course, is to help in the investigation to find out who committed the murder. Focus on this, but remember to study carefully the movements of the medium and his assistant; for it is possible that they are charlatans. If so, expose them.
List of Questions to
Lord Cornwell's Spirit
What is the motive for the crime?
Was there a quarrel in the office?
For whose benefit is the current Testament made?
How did the killer get into your room?
Who had the keys to the house?
How did the criminal leave the premises?
Did you know the killer?
Where is the criminal now?
Where are you now?