A servant un the cornwall household
You are 60 years old, 30 of them you have spent in service with the Cornwall family. You are regarded almost as part of the family, and the death of the Lord has been a bitter blow to you. On the day of the murder you were intrigued by a strange noise coming from the Lord's room, and so you decided to check that everything was alright. You knocked on the door, called out to attract Lord Cornwall's attention, but still heard no answer. You decided to go inside. The door hadn't been locked. Inside, signs of a struggle were everywhere, and when you looked out of the open window (the Lord's study is on the 4th floor of the mansion), you saw the lifeless body of Lord Cornwall, lying on the stone patio. The whole sorry-scenario has played a cruel joke on you, because now you're one of the suspects. What's more, you are being forced to take part in this blasphemous séance! During the search, the keys to the Lord's room were found in your possession.. though this shouldn't be surprising: they have always been with you, because you were Cornwall's butler and had access to all rooms in the house!

Here is the information in your possession regarding the other participants in the "séance":

1) You are familiar with the medium and his assistant as they were frequent guests in the Cornwall house. Lord Cornwall had long been fascinated by mysticism and had often used the services of the medium. In your opinion, they are charlatans who make money on vulnerable people's desires to hear from their deceased loved ones once again. It is good that now, finally, a lot of organizations are emerging such as the Society of Psychical Research, which have been set up to expose this fraud!

2) Jacques Labor is also familiar to you. He is the secret lover of Jane, Lord Cornwall's daughter. You really do not like this young man; he does not suit such an educated and intelligent young lady as Jane. They have been dating for almost a year, and he has often been in the house. Lord Cornwall would have been furlous if he had known about their relationship, so Jane had begged you to keep everything a secret, which you did. Shortly before the murder, Jane and her brother Kane went to their Scottish estate, but she hadn't had time to tell Jacques that she was leaving, She asked you to give him the news, but you saw it as a great opportunity to end their relationship. You destroyed the note from Jane, and instead told Jacques that Jane had left him and moved away from London. Unfortunately, the fool didn't believe it and daily kept coming back to the Cornwall house to see Jane in person! You desperately hoped that Lord Cornwall hadn't suspected anything. On the day of the murder, Jacques was found stalking around the house, where he was arrested by the police. So far, you have simply told the police that Jacques had sometimes come to visit elther Kane or Jane, because you wanted to keep your promise to Jane to hide their relationship.

3) You have also known Chris Wharf for a long time: he is Lord Cornwall's business partner. He has often visited the house, mostly on business matters. In addition, he shared Cornwall's love of séances. Chris has always expressed a positive attitude towards Jane but some dislike towards Kane. He has repeatedly hinted in Lord Cornwall's presence that he would like to see Jane as a partner in the business, but not Kane. A couple of times this prompted quite an argument between the men.
Your aim:
If possible, try not to compromise Jane by revealing her relationship with Jacques Labor. Find the murderer.
List of Questions to
Lord Cornwell's Spirit
What is the motive for the crime?
Was there a quarrel in the office?
For whose benefit is the current Testament made?
How did the killer get into your room?
Who had the keys to the house?
How did the criminal leave the premises?
Did you know the killer?
Where is the criminal now?
Where are you now?