Jane Cornwall
the daughter of lord cornwall
The news of the death of your father arrived while you were at the Scottish estate owned by your family. Shortly before his death, your father had told you that he had been planning to rewrite his will in ipean IOCE Bepio Bepio favor of you, as previously it had been made in favor of your brother Kane. He decided to do this after the last séance, when the medium, the famous Poitier, along with the assistant, Svenson, called up the ghost of your long-dead mother. This séance was conducted on the recommendation of your father, in the presence of you and your ipe3a 2021 brother Kane. Among other things, your father asked your mother for advice on who should inherit his property, and she, for some reason, has chosen you, despite the fact Prese that, during her life, she had favored your brother. MG 9 Ipesa 2021.0 But the question is whether or not Cornwall had time to rewrite his will before his untimely death; and whether or not his sudden death was related to the intention to rewrite the will, or just a coincidence. No matter how scary it might seem, your own brother might have been interested in the premature death of your father, because according to the new will, he would have inherited virtually nothing. Yet at the time of the murder, he had been with'you on your Scottish estate.

As regard the remaining suspects:
1) You regard it as virtually impossible that Jacques Labor is guilty, because.. he's your boyfriend. He has often secretly visited you at home (you even gave him a copy of the house keys, so he could enter the house unnoticed by your father and the servants). However, you don't understand what exactly he was doing outside the house at the time of the crime, because, via the servant Henry, you had sent him a warning that you were going to leave London for a while. If your father had found out about your relationship with Jacques, he would have been furious, and you do not want to uncover your private life to all of these people present at the séance, especially as it may arouse suspicion against Jacques. So try to avoid mentioning your relationship during the conversation.

2) Chris Wharf might have been interested in the death of your father, because now it is he who will take charge of most business decisions, as neither you nor your brother are yet aware of the company's affairs. However, Chris has always favored you, and even recommended that the Lord gave his share of the company to you in his will, rather than to Kane. He believes that you are able to cope with these duties better than your brother. On one occasion, Chris even got into a quarrel with your mage father over this matter.

3) Henry, the servant, could be the culprit. He had all the keys and could access anywhere in the house, and was constantly present in the home. Generally speaking, you can be prejudiced against Henry, since he dislikes your beloved Jacques, a dislike he has repeatedly demonstrated to you. On the other hand, there is no motive obvious to you that Henry may have had.
Your aim:
Find the murderer and understand his motive. It is advisable that you don't disclose your relationship with Jacques Labor to anyone.
List of Questions to
Lord Cornwell's Spirit
What is the motive for the crime?
Was there a quarrel in the office?
For whose benefit is the current Testament made?
How did the killer get into your room?
Who had the keys to the house?
How did the criminal leave the premises?
Did you know the killer?
Where is the criminal now?
Where are you now?