You gift good children, and scare the naughty ones. Performing small miracles for the children with the help of your staff, you can also freeze someone (but after freezing it takes a day to recharge). The staff works in any hands, not just in yours.

Santa Claus was frozen by you. This insolent Santa Claus penetrated into Finland and drove around it, beating off your clients - Finnish children began to write letters to him more often than to you. You had warned him, but he did not listen. And recently you found out that the people of the Yeti - the snowmen - had turned to Santa Claus with a request to give gifts to their children as well as to human children! Why did they turn to the American Christmas Father, if snow people live all over the world? This was the last straw. For this congress of New Year and Christmas workers you came to solve the problem with Santa Claus once and for all.

6 pm
6 pm
Location: Hall
You arrived at the hotel at the same time with the others. Have greeted everyone warmly, especially the ladies: the Snow Maiden hugged you in response and kissed you on the cheek, and the Snow Queen gave you a long promising look. The Brownie gave you the key to room №9.
7 pm
7 pm
Location: Dining room
Dinner in the dining room was served by the Brownie. You sat down at the same table with Santa Claus to talk. There was also an Elf next to you, but he was silent and did not interfere. You started talking about Finland, but Santa Claus replied: "We live in an age of free competition. The one who is less successful - must leave!" You already gritted your teeth. You looked at him angrily and muttered silently into your beard in Finnish: "Well, don't say I didn't warn you."
8 pm
8 pm
Location: Number 8 (unoccupied)
You heard that, after dinner, Father Frost invited Santa Claus to have a drink of mead in his room №2. You quietly stole the key to a room №8 from the reception. This room was just opposite to number 2 – a convenient observation post! It was your hiding spot, you opened the door slightly and spied through the keyhole. Black Peter walked along the corridor several times. And why can't he sit still? Father Frost and Santa Claus were fighting, shouting, then something fell.Due to the noise Elf came out of his room, knocked on their door - they claimed that everything was fine, but the mead was spilled on Santa Claus ... Ha-ha.

Then Father Frost ran out in frustration, and Santa Claus went to his room. Black Peter glanced into the open room of Santa Claus and left. Then the Elf did the same and left too.

9 pm
9 pm
Location: Rooms of Father Frost and Santa Claus
You also glanced into room № 2. What a luck - Father Frost forgot his staff!

And Santa Claus, apparently also impressed by the quarrel, forgot New Year's gift bag. Right moment - Santa is all by himself in his room! You grabbed the staff of Father Frost, rushed to the room of Santa Claus and immediately cast a spell of cold. You will be clear of suspicion - the staff is not yours! Unable to resist, you started to make faces at your frozen rival. Having realised you had spent too much time in Santa's room, put the staff of Father Frost next to the block of ice and left. You didn't meet anyone in the hallway.

10 pm
10 pm
Location: Bar
You went down to the bar, pretending to be slightly drunk, and asked the Brownie for mead. You wanted to give the impression that you had been drinking all evening. The Dwarf and Black Peter were still in the hall. You wanted to invite them as drinking companions, but the Snow Queen came up to you and started a pleasant conversation. Awesome woman! What a pity you pretended to be drunk and had to pay little attention to her! But next time ...

At 11 pm, you are still at the bar. The Brownie went off somewhere, the Snow Queen and Black Peter went upstairs, and even the Dwarf ran away. But the Elf appeared. You persewed on making him get drunk, and he was not against it.

At 12 AM, screams came from the second floor - a frozen Santa Claus was found! His gift bag had been stolen! Who took the bag?

Not be accused and not get arrested.

Shift the blame on someone else - better on Bigfoot. You are offended by Yeti peaple for the fact that they turned to Santa Claus for gifts.

Find out who stole the bag. If there is a thief, then your property is also in danger.

Flashback of Joulupukki

You remember that at dinner (you were sitting at the table with Santa Claus and the Elf), the Elf looked like he was very unhappy with Santa Claus, but did not want to talk about it in front of you. But lately when you were drinking with him in the evening, the Elf, on the contrary, was in high spirits, as if he had just succeeded in some important business.