Кane Cornwall
Son of lord cornwall

You are the son of Lord Cornwall and his rightful heir.

Until recently, you were sure that, upon the death of your father, you would receive all of his fortune and his share of the cоmpany. But not long ago your father began to show more sympathy to your sister Jane than to youand he even began to show her how to manage the company! Finally it dawned on you that the old man was thinking of rewriting his will in favor of your sister. One of the possible reasons why Cornwall changed his mind may be to do with his business partner, Chris Wharf. Chris has always disliked you, 1 and long believed that Jane could cope with the management of the company much better than you. Your suspicions were justified when, during one of the seances which your father was so fond of, he asked what the will of your long-dead mother would have been. The spirit, via the medium, spoke in favor of Jane. That seance had been conducted by the same double-act of Poitier and Svensoп, medium and assistant, as the one being conducted now. Your sister Jane was also present at the seance. You understood that in order to stop your father rewriting his will, you needed to act immediately

Upon completion of that séance, you requested a meeting with the medium's assistant, Svenson. You heard that Svenson was dissatisfied with life and no longer ready to continue living the shadow of the famous medium. At the meeting, you offered to pay Svenson generously to murder your father. Svenson knew the plan of the house well, as he has often been there as a guest. On top of that, you gave him a copy of all of the necessary keys to ensure entry would not prove difficult for him. You instructed Svenson to stage an accident or suicide, asking Svenson to throw Cornwall out of the window. To ensure you could not be implicated in the murder, you left London and went to your Scottish estate with your sister, who would be your alibi.

Unfortunately, Svenson clearly did not manage the task properly. Upon entering the Lord's room, a fight broke out and Svenson barely had time to throw Cornwall out of the window before it was necessary to flee the building. Signs of the struggle were obvious, and the police launched an investigation. Yet it is going very badly for them: they have caught three people, but none of them are connected with you. You began to relax when suddenly the police asked the medium for assistance, something you had not planned for! Now you will have to be on your guard, expressing sorrow on your face, shepherding and protecting Svenson so he/she does not confess all, and trying to shift the blame to someone else, for example, to one of the three suspecis. .

Your aim:
Avoid being found out. Try to choose questions for the medium which will not reveal anything important for the investigation about what happened. Try to shift the blame onto someone else.
However, should you be discovered, you will need to betray Svenson. Ultimately, it was Svenson who killed your father.
List of Questions to
Lord Cornwell's Spirit
What is the motive for the crime?
Was there a quarrel in the office?
For whose benefit is the current Testament made?
How did the killer get into your room?
Who had the keys to the house?
How did the criminal leave the premises?
Did you know the killer?
Where is the criminal now?
Where are you now?