You`re a famous bandit Prickly. Together with your old mate Acrid you decided to cheat on your boss and cut a deal with a millionaire who owns the pictures. The millionaire lets his security go, you`ll commit the robbery but you won`t send the pictures to your boss and hide them on a construction site instead. The millionaire gets insurance for the stolen pictures, sells them secretly and you will divide the profit.
How it all happened:
It started smoothly. At 2 a.m. you left the van on the wasteland and walked to the entrance of a mansion. There was no security. You broke down the door, cut the pictures out of frames and put them into a tube.
At 2.15 a.m. the police arrived. A firefight began. Soon Tough grabbed the tube and bounced outta there through the backyard. You ran with him. The rest fired back.

When you reached the van, you noticed that Tough was in no hurry to sit in it. You and Tough turned your pistols on each other. You wanted to pick up the tube and go to the construction site, but then Sticky suddenly appeared and slid a shot past you. You shot in response and hit. And then Tough seriously wounded you. You ran out of bullets. For real?
Tough grabbed the tube and ran away. Sticky was lying motionless, you thought that he might be dead. You got into the van, lay down on the back seat and tried to stop the bleeding.
In a few minutes came Salty and Cold. They found out that Sticky was still breathing and put him into the van. Fearing that the police were about to arrive, you drove away
Passing by a construction site, you noticed fainted Tough. Salty and Cold brought him to consciousness and helped to reach the van. Tough was without the tube.
Your aims:
Find out where the tube with the pictures is
Kill an undercover officer
Don`t tell anyone else that you and Acrid colluded
with the millionaire