You are an energetic, active person, you want to quickly figure out this strange situation. After examining yourself, you decide that you are doing well. and cheered up. Your ring looks expensive, which means you are a wealthy person. ... Perhaps a wealthy heir, or an investor. You don't remember anything about the electronic key that you have with you.

Loss of memory is not so bad. In any case, medicine now works wonders, you just need to get to some more or less decent planet or space station.

However, due to the story of the captain, your fellow travelers are causing concern.

THE CONFIDENT has a very strange look. The pupils are constricted. Is he on any drugs or drugs?

BEAUTIFUL has too much money, like a drug dealer or some mafia. Business people usually keep their money in the bank, rather than carry it with them. And there is also a feeling that you seemed to know him even before all these events.

Your tasks
  • identify and isolate those who threaten flight safety, such as the one who killed the captain
  • fly off the planet.
For this you need:
  • find a person who knows how to navigate the ship
  • stay with the ship's passengers
  • make sure that none of the passengers will threaten the safety of the flight, and the ship will fly to its destination
Event №1
After the initial dispute, the team examined the ship more thoroughly.

NICE and FUNNY quickly orientated themselves on the ship and headed for the cargo hold. The compartment was locked, but with the RICH'S electronic key it was opened. A container with a cargo of robots was found there, as well as a hidden box with prohibited drugs.

SMART and BEAUTIFUL, having strayed around the ship, found a homemade bomb in the central energy compartment! If it weren't for SMART, who quickly neutralized her, there would have been nothing to fly away ...

SURE found a newspaper page with screaming headlines:
"Lucky's smuggler's bounty has increased!"
"The brave explorer and heir to a great fortune, Captain Lumiere, is missing!"
"Terrorist Clyde is on the warpath! New explosions! The victims are the robotics dealers, the main culprits of the labor market crisis, as well as everyone who was involved in helping them ..."

Looking at these findings, you start to remember something ...

The situation is becoming more mysterious and dangerous. Just think, the ship could explode at any second. Someone wanted to kill you all! Perhaps this is the same dangerous terrorist Clyde, and he is now among the passengers.
What if he was aiming right at you? After all, the load with robots can be yours.
It's good that SMART was able to neutralize the bomb. He must be some kind of scientist.

And about Captain Lumiere, you seem to have read that he returned from an expedition to Alpha Centauri.
Event №2
Walking through the immediate vicinity, you discovered ... a human parking lot! This is an extinguished fire, an abandoned pot of food ... Each of you examined and turned around in your hands the homemade weapons found in the bushes - arrows with tips made of steel fragments similar to the hull of an old ship, a wooden crossbow ... Everything speaks of the presence of intelligent life, possibly local residents even look like people.

In the meantime, according to the computer's data, the main damage has been repaired and the repair work should be completed soon. But who will steer the ship? And is it safe to take with you?

After all, among you, perhaps, there is the killer of the captain, as well as a terrorist.

If they get on the ship, the misadventures are unlikely to end ...

Meanwhile, many of them are beginning to remember some more recent events ...

So you remembered who you are. What a relief! But dangers seem to lurk around every corner ...
You are a robotics trader. Your last name is Dubal. Things are going pretty well. Including - due to illegal operations. On this ship, you were going to sell a batch of defective robots to the black market, you found a good buyer. This is BEAUTIFUL, or Kowalski, as he introduced himself. Surely he is a merchant of stolen goods or a smuggler. Who else has such large amounts of cash! However, what difference does it make to you if he had to pay this amount to you. With the captain, you agreed on the transportation of your containers with robots, and for safety you took the electronic key from the cargo compartment. By the way, you noticed that someone else's cargo was already in the cargo hold.

  • Find the terrorist! If he flies further with you, being free, death awaits you all! He will not leave alive not only you personally, but also neither helpers nor witnesses
  • Get out of this planet by all means.