You are a famous bandit Sticky. Together with Tough you work for the yakuza (Japanese mafia).
You made an agreement with people from the yakuza that there will be a car waiting for you not far from the millionaire's mansion, in front of the reconstruction site, at 2.20 a.m. It will take you, Tough and the tube with the pictures.
How it all happened:
It started smoothly. At 2 a.m. you left the van on the wasteland and walked to the entrance of a mansion. There was no security. You broke down the door, cut the pictures out of frames and put them into a tube.
At 2.15 a.m. the police arrived. A firefight began. Soon Tough
grabbed the tube and bounced outta there through the backyard with Prickly. Being afraid that Prickly can spoil everything, you ran after him. The rest fired back.
Not far from the van you noticed that Tough and Prickly are in the crosshairs, holding the guns on each other. You fired at Prickly. Missed! Prickly fired back and seriously injured you. You fell on the grass and lost consciousness immediately.
You got over it in the car, there also were Salty, Cold and wounded Prickly. The tube disappeared.
Passing by the construction site you noticed fainted Tough. Salty and Cold brought him to consciousness and helped to enter the van.
Your aims:
Find out where the tube with the pictures is
Kill an undercover officer
Don`t tell anyone else that you and Tough work for the yakuza