You are an inhabitant of this planet. Many years ago your ancestors came to this planet as part of the colonists from Earth. The expedition spaceship failed to be repaired. The knowledge was lost over time, and the colonists's descendants now go hunting and gathering. You were just hunting when you saw a bright flash in the sky, and then a spaceship crashed. You came up to see the strangers. The leaders say that trouble will come with strangers - you can't allow anyone from the Big world to find out about your planet, because then your calm life will come to an end.

You entered the spaceship and found its passengers unconscious. All that came to your mind was to shoot at the sleepers with your crossbow. They mustn't wake up and find out about your planet! You managed to shoot at one person, when suddenly the Red Moon rose in the sky and you lost consciousness. The red moon is a very bad omen, and it has a bad effect on consciousness. But there is one thing which is good - the strangers lost their memory out of habit under its influence.

You can pretend to be one of them for now and somehow prevent them from flying away. As a last resort, you can fly with them and get rid of them on the way. To begin with, you should pretend to have a loss of memory too. And then you should come up with a legend about yourself. In order to avert suspicion from yourself, you should bring maximum discord and set everyone against everyone. When everyone was taking out the things they found in their pockets, you had to show your knife too. You can say that you picked it up in the corridor of the spaceship, for example. You also noticed that The Confident One threw some metal thing away when he came to his senses in one of the corridors.

  1. To prevent the aliens from flying to other inhabited planets so that they can't tell about the existence of yours.
  2. Or to fly away with the aliens on their spaceship to neutralize them along the way.

After the initial arguments, the group examined the spaceship more thoroughly. THE ADROIT ONE and THE CHEERFUL ONE quickly oriented themselves on the spaceship and headed for the cargo hold. It was locked, but with the help of THE RICH ONE's electronic key it was opened. A container with a cargo of robots was found there, as well as a hidden box with illegal drugs.

THE SMART ONE and THE HANDSOME ONE, having wandered around the spaceship, found a homemade bomb in the central energy compartment! If it weren't for THE SMART ONE, who quickly neutralized it, there would be nothing to fly away on.

THE CONFIDENT ONE found a newspaper page with flashy headlines:
"The reward for the smuggler Lukky has increased!",
"Captain Lumiere, a brave explorer and the heir to a huge fortune, has gone missing!",
"Clyde the terrorist goes on the warpath! New explosions! The victims are robotics dealers, the main culprits of the labor market crisis, as well as everyone who is involved in helping them…"

Looking at these finds, you are starting to remember something…

The bomb that you've found is more to your advantage. On the one hand, it draws away all the attention to itself. On the other hand, a person who wants to kill everyone is your involuntary accomplice and you have the same goal. Now is the time to come up with a plausible legend about who you are and what you are doing on the spaceship. It seems that the memories have begun to return to the rest and they will have many questions for you. For example, you can pretend to be an unemployed Johnson or say that the captain transported you secretly for some reason, so you aren't on the passenger list.

After inspecting the surroundings, an apparently human encampment was discovered a kilometer from the spaceship. An extinguished fire, an abandoned pot of food, a hidden weapon - everything speaks of the presence of intelligent life, perhaps the locals even look like people.

Everyone examined and twisted in their hands homemade knives made of sharpened pieces of iron, arrows with tips made of steel fragments and a wooden crossbow found in the bushes. In the meantime, according to the computer, the main damage hasn't been repaired and repair work should be completed soon. But who will steer the spaceship? And is it safe to take everyone with you?

After all, among you, perhaps, there is someone who shot at the captain, as well as a terrorist. If they get on the spaceship, the misadventures are unlikely to end.

Looking at these finds, you are starting to remember something…

...They have found your encampment! This is bad! They can understand what's going on. You need to distract them. For example, switch their attention to the search for the smuggler and the person from the dossier.