You are a house-proud and curious brownie. You work in a hotel at the North Pole that belongs to Father Frost. You work here as the porter, and the bartender, and the cook, and other servants. There is a lot to do - there is no time to breathe.

Usually no one pays attention to brownies, meanwhile they are very observant. And curious! You often look into the rooms of guests while they are not there, and look through their things - just for the sake of interest. But you never harm either the guests or their property. This is an unshakable law for all brownies.
6 pm
6 pm
Location: Hall
All the participants of the congress of workers of the New Year and Christmas arrived almost simultaneously. You greeted guests and handed out room keys. You noticed that while kissing Santa Claus on the cheek, the Snow Maiden whispered something in his ear, and he answered "Yes, I`ll be there." Then the Snow Maiden also kissed Joulupukki and Black Peter, but did not whisper anything.
7 pm
7 pm
Location: Dining room
Starting at 7pm, you served dinner in the dining room. Only five had dinner: Santa Claus with Black Peter at one table, and Santa Claus, Joulupukki and Elf at another. While serving the tables, you noticed that Santa Claus and Black Peter were talking quite friendly, but Santa Claus, it seemed that he managed to make Joulupukki angry, so that he even gritted his teeth with anger.
8 pm
8 pm
Location: Bar.
Immediately after dinner, Santa Claus invited Santa Claus to drink a bottle of mead in his room. They left, then everyone else did. From your place behind the bar, you can see the whole dining room with the lobby. Bigfoot came in and sat down in front of the TV. Soon the Snow Queen joined him. Everything was peaceful.
9 pm
9 pm
Location: Guest rooms.
Time for a fireworks display for the guests. You thought that everyone would go to watch the fireworks, while you calmly inspected the guest rooms. You had entered room №3 - the Dwarf's room - but he suddenly returned to his room and found you sorting out his properties! You explained yourself and claimed to be joking, and the Dwarf said he would forgive you only if you sneak a bag of Santa Claus gifts for him. You didn't tell the Dwarf that the laws of brownies did not allow you to harm the guests, and agreed to steal the bag. It is better for the Dwarf not to raise a noise.
10 pm
10 pm
Location: Bar
You are back at your post behind the bar. In the hall gathered Joulupukki (he noisily asked you for mead, saying that he had been drinking all evening and wanted to continue), the Dwarf, the Snow Queen Black Peter. You served some mead and hot tea.

At 11 PM you made a daily round of the hotel - glancing in the empty guest rooms. In room №4, the room of Bigfoot, you found several gnawed bones and hare skins – how did these get here?

At 12 AM, you went to Santa Claus's room, thinking that it was empty ... oh no! The door to Santa Claus's room is open, and he is frozen! His bag of gifts is gone. The staff of Father Frost lies nearby.

You were afraid that Father Frost would be accused of it, as then the hotel would be closed. Having taken the staff, you ran to Father Frost's room - and, informing him about Santa Claus, imperceptibly left the staff inside the room by the door. And then you began to knock on the doors of others and inform them about what had happened.

You believe that Father Frost has become a victim by some mistake, and you are going to defend him as much as you can during the investigation. But if the evidence against him is compelling, you may change your mind.

-Find out who froze Santa Claus, so that the criminal would unfreeze him.

This situation happened in your hotel, and it is a matter of professional pride to solve the problem.

-Find out who stole Santa's bag of gifts (if it's not the same person).

It's not great if your hotel gets the fame of a place with thieves!

-Don't be charged with a crime. What if they decide to blame it on you!

Flashback of the Brownie

You remembered that Joulupukki, after talking with Santa Claus at dinner, looked after him angrily and quietly muttered into his beard in Finnish: "Well,don't say I didn't warn you."