Granddaughter of ded moroz
You have a staff which can perform little miracles for the kids, and also freeze someone (but after each freeze it takes a day to recharge). The staff works in any hands, not only yours, so usually you keep it to yourself.

You love your grandfather, but you are tired of living with him: he still considers you as a little girl and tries to bring you up all the time. Your dream is to get married and have your own home. It is better in America, but Europe is also a great choice.

You have recently begun dating Santa Claus, the American Christmas Father. By the way, he is still far from old! Santa Claus promised you his eternal love and called for marriage. You agreed, but asked to keep everything in secret - if Father Frost finds out, he will get angry and upset about this idea, it is better to confess after the marriage.

6 pm
6 pm
Location: Hall
You and Father Frost arrived at the hotel at the same time with others. When you met Santa Claus, you hugged and kissed him on the cheek then whispered in his ear that you would wait in the forest in a meadow at 9 o'clock. He quietly replied "I`ll be there." For Father Frost to be unsuspicious, you also hugged Joulupukki and Black Peter. Father Frost frowned and quickly took you upstairs to your room. Ha, and he just kissed the hand of the Snow Queen! There is no fool to the old fool... You and your grandfather got room №2, there are just two interconnected rooms.
7 pm
7 pm
Location: Snow Queen Room №5
Santa Claus went to the dining room for dinner, but you refused: eating after six is bad for your shape. You were laying out your things, when suddenly the Snow Queen called you to her room- to chat. The conversation turned into a nightmare. The Snow Queen announced that she and Santa Claus had been secretly married for many years! That he was just having fun with you! You could not resist and answered that Santa Claus loved you, and he would definitely get a divorse with such an old bag like The Snow Queen. In the end, you rushed out of the Snow Queen's room, slamming the door. The clock in the hallway showed 8pm.
8 pm
8 pm
Location: 2nd floor corridor and forest.
In the corridor, you can't help crying. The Dwarf passing along the corridor rushed to cheer you up, suggesting you go for a walk together. You agreed. When asked by the Dwarf, you replied that the Snow Queen is enraged with jealousy. The gnome nodded with understanding and started a story about his own troubles: Santa Claus does not buy more toys from the dwarfs, he prefers to take cheaper ones from the elves, and meanwhile ... then there was a story about the details of factory production. It was boring, and besides, the time of the date with Santa Claus was approaching. You got rid of the Gnome as delicately as possible and went to the meeting place.
9 pm
9 pm
Location: Forest.
Festive fireworks were arranged for the guests, but you admired it alone - Santa Claus did not show up! Did the Snow Queen disallow him? Or does he really not love you? If so, it doesn't matter, you will be able to find a replacement for him easily!
10 pm
10 pm
Location: Forest
Suddenly, Father Frost appeared in the meadow - walking arm-in-arm with the Snow Queen! You couldn't resist: how can he communicate with this pepper shaker! The Snow Queen immediately left, and Santa Claus answered you in the same tone: how could you date Santa Claus! You fought, but eventually made up. However, this did not prevent each of you from remaining unconvinced.

At 11 pm, you and Father Frost returned to your room. Only now did you notice that the grandfather is without his staff - strange. But you didn't ask him anything, because of the fight. The room door was unlocked - apparently, grandfather had forgotten to lock it. You went to your own room and went to bed, but could not sleep. Through the wall you heard Santa Claus groaning, tossing and turning from side to side. If he went out somewhere, you would notice it.

At 12 pm, The Brownie burst into Santa Claus's room with the message that Santa Claus was frozen, and his bag of gifts had been stolen!

Well, Santa Claus deserves it. You have already decided that you will not marry him, at least going to make him jealous. By the way, you can start looking for a new fan right after the investigation: making eye contacts, giving compliments, and so on.

-Find the criminal to disenchant Santa Claus.

If Santa Claus does not see that you are happy with others, it will make your revenge pointless

- Find the thief who stole the bag of gifts (if not the same person who froze Santa Claus). What if he goes unpunished and next time he will rob you or your grandfather.

- Not to get accused and arrested.