You are the queen of winter and behave accordingly. There was a time, whole nations served you - for example, dwarfs. And no one is allowed to forget who you are! You have a magic staff that allows you to control the weather, as well as freeze anything you want. But after freezing, the staff needs a day to recharge. The staff works in any hands, not only in yours, but you usually keep it to yourself.

You really want to be loved - but, unfortunately, the heart of the man you love freezes. When the heart completely turns to ice, it loses its ability to love - even you! If this secret is revealed, it's unlikely that anyone will ever be nice to you, not to mention marriage.

Many years ago you married Santa Claus, but you kept your marriage in secret, you even lived separately - you know that this is temporary – when Santa Claus's heart finally freezes over, everything will end between you two. Recently, however, you began to suspect that your husband was cheating on you! In order to find out whether this is true or not, you went to the congress of workers of the New Year and Christmas.

6 pm
6 pm
Location: Hall
You arrived at the hotel at the same time as the others. You noticed that the Snow Maiden, greeting Santa Claus, hugged him and whispered something in his ear, and he quietly replied "Yes, I`ll be there". And although the Snow Maiden after that rushed to hug other men, you cannot be fooled - she, of course, made a date with him! But you didn't show your emotions and continued to greet the participants of the congress. You gave every man a promising look - just like that. Father Frost reacted correctly: he gallantly kissed your hand. The Brownie gave the room key - you got number 5.
7 pm
7 pm
Location: The Snow Queen's Room (№5).
Dinner was served in the dining room, but you didn't go there - it is not a great idea to eat after 6 PM. Instead, you invited the Snow Maiden to your room to chat. The conversation turned out unpleasant: you softly explained that Santa Claus is your husband, and he was just having fun with young girls, but the impudent woman replied that this was a very serious relationship and that Santa Claus was planning to get divorce! It got to the point that the Snow Maiden, barely holding back tears, ran out of your room and slammed the door. But you think: it looks like Santa Claus really intends to leave you. You should prove to the whole world that it is Santa Claus, who is left! Time to get a new lover.
8 pm
8 pm
Location: Bar.
You went downstairs, but everyone already left the dining room. The Brownie was at the bar and The Bigfoot was watching TV. You tried flirting with Bigfoot,

but he didn't even get it. But you took a closer look at his cudgel. You are really knowledgeable in magic items and realized that just with one blow of this cudgel you can freeze any creature. Interesting!
9 pm
9 pm
Location: Hall and forest.
Father Frost appeared in the hall, looking for his granddaughter. With a sweet voice, you offered help to Father Frost in his search and, on this behalf, took him for a walk around the neighborhood. Just at this time, the festive fireworks arranged for the guests were shining, and hares were frolicking in the snow, so the walk turned out to be romantic. Santa Claus obviously likes you.
10 pm
10 pm
Location: forest and bar
Unfortunately, the walk came to an end - at the very beginning of the night in a meadow in the forest you met the Snow Maiden. Seeing you arm-in-arm with her grandfather, she raised a cry. You left right away - family quarrels are not for you. Back at the hotel, you met Joulupukki, Black Peter, the Dwarf and the Brownie at the bar. The Brownie brought mead or, optionally, tea. You have decided to try your spell on Joulupukki. You felt that he was drawn to you, but he was already drunk and clearly planned to continue drinking. It was not worth talking to him that night.

At 11 pm you went upstairs to your room. Black Peter went right after you. Well, he will do too ... You offered him a glass of wine before going to sleep, he agreed, and you both had a pleasant time talking in your room. You were there until midnight, when the Brownie started knocking on the door with the news that Santa Claus was frozen and his bag of gifts was stolen!

Now the investigation will begin, and it may turn out that you were flirting with several men at the same time. They may be offended, and there it will be more difficult for you to find a new lover. Try to divert the discussion of the crime against this fact.

-Find the villain to disenchant Santa Claus - if he does not see that you are happy with another, your revenge will be pointless.

-Find the thief who stole the bag of gifts (if it's not the same person who froze Santa Claus). Nobody is allowed to steal your family property!

-Not to be accused of a crime and get arrested.

Flashback of the Snow Queen
Some of your friends told you that the elves had a hard time getting a contract for the supply of gifts for Santa Claus. Now they are afraid to get this contract terminated. No Santa Claus – no good sales market for the elves. At first you didn't care about this information, but now you suddenly remembered.