welcome to our first
online Winter party
the event will start in
2020 was a year. Oof. It is a fact. Even though all of us are scattered around the whole country, we all have experienced the same things. We have faced a new range of emotions, revealed new skills and come up to new opportunities. But this is still us. And this is a new reality we live in. #wearevaltech and we will cope with everything.

We have considered all the changes&transformations happening and adjusted our party to a new format – online. We welcome each of you to get altogether and try something new. Let's go!
The party will take place in ZOOM.
If you still don't have the app, download it to your desktop some time before the party, create an account and set the photo, please. We have lots of new people joined our Valtech Family and we definitely don't know each other by full name, but we may recognize each other by photo.
I have a question...
- So, what about the dress-code, if the party is online?
- It's always a good idea to have a costume on. We can dress up in some funny way and look a bit festive. Why not? Let's have fun!
- Okey, got it. And what if I am late?
- You can join the event any time, BUT, please don't be veeeery late, especially for the game, starting at 6:05pm. Anyway, if you are late, we will make up something along the way, don't worry.
- Kudos! Are some welcome drinks or something considered?
- Yep. A bit more patience and you will get everything:)
- Ace! And should I be in the office, or stay at home, or what?
- As it's an online event – in fact, you can be anywhere with good Internet connection. First of all it's about your comfort.
- Oookey. If I have some more questions, where can I get the answers?
- Drop a line to Anna Kulish in Teams or Skype, she is aware of everything, regarding the party.
- Great, thank you. See you soon!
Agenda of the party
getting altogether in Zoom
welcome words
stand up show part I
play the game
stand up show part II
final congratulations
Let's catch up and light up!
We will be glad if you join the event and share the first online party experience with the whole Valtech Ukraine Family ♡
Tag us in your pics on Instagram
and put #valtech_ukraine hashtag