We inculcate values in a game form
There are 2 types of employees
The first type
performs tasks slowly, does not burn with ideas. Has become invisible. On general calls he/she says what is expected from him/her, then leaves the chat, turns on some news in the background and browses job sites. The lack of results will lead to a crisis.
The second type
has personally accepted the challenge the team's facing. Works twice as hard to maintain and bring the company to the top. He/she is eagerly looking for opportunities to adapt the business to new conditions. Daily offers ideas for improvement.

The difference is in values
The effectiveness of the team and the profit of the business depend on what percentage of the employees are currently in a "type two" state. Their deep internal agreement with the company's values, and their sincere desire to follow them, are the aspects giving real growth to the business.
And this can be managed with Q-TEAM ZOOM GAMES
we diagnose, inculcate, pump values

What is it and why did we do it?
Q-TEAM ZOOM GAMES — is a transformative online team building for diagnosing and understanding team values in a game format.
In 2014, our company of three people organized the first team building.
In 2019, there were already 44 of us, with 1137 organized events.

Within 6 years, we:
1. Made over 3500 offline and online events with an average rating of 9.7 out of 10
2. 370 teams of small, medium and large businesses were pumped with our transformational games
3. We have created more than 100 individual stories for pumping values on a turnkey basis - Cases
4. Changed the idea of team building in people's minds
The goal of our team buildings is building a team

To put it mildly, we are skeptical about team building with jumping in sacks.
We are for work for results.

For 6 years of cooperation with HR, CEO and owners, we have found out
9 most common values in companies.
These are what we use in our online team building stories.
  • Decency
    Understanding that honesty is a win/win strategy in any relationship
Locus of control
Responsibility for the result. Even if it is negative, a person does not look for external reasons and excuses
Taking and giving feedback without criticism
The mindset of the owner
Understanding the impact and importance of each process in the company on the joint result
The ability to be a team player
Balance between personal and team goals
Development orientation
Ambition and desire to develop even in non-working hours
Initiative to perform without getting a task from above
  • Result Orientation
    Readiness for a series of experiments. Ability to use negative and positive experience.
  • Passion for work
    Sels-realization through professionalism

If you need to pump, launch or diagnose values absent from this list – we offer you individual approach
Our сases
The most popular formats and scenarios
We've got over 12 ready-made role-playing stories, in the development of which screenwriters, HR managers and professional eventors participated.
And most importantly, we can organize them for you within an hour.

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How does the role play work?
Evening, cozy apartment, checked pajama pants. You are watching a light detective movie, "Murder on the Orient Express" or "Knives Out".
You start making the first assumptions about the plot, and then someone presses the pause. A black detective's hat appears on you, a magnifying glass in your hands, from now on you are the main one in this investigation.
Where to look for evidence? What is the real motive? Who is the criminal?
You urgently call to Zoom your colleagues who have already tried on the role of a butler, the bereaving man's daughter of and his lover. One of them is a murderer, and whether justice prevails or not depends on you only!

The Q-TEAM team has been trusted by the country's leading companies for 6 years
Photos and videos from our projects
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